How do I link password protected files to a master spreadsheet?



I have a "master" file that several workbooks are linked to. Each individual
workbook is password protected. I would like to be able to open and update
the "master" file, however it is asking me for every individual password.
This will not work. Is there a way to "override" or to give a
"administrator" password so all the files update to the master without having
to type in each password?
Thank you.



Dave Peterson

How about just having another workbook that opens your workbook with the links
updated/not updated the way you want. Then the code continues to open the other

Saved from a previous post:

Option Explicit
Sub testme()

Dim myFileNames As Variant
Dim myPasswords As Variant
Dim iCtr As Long
Dim myRealWkbk As Workbook
Dim myRealWkbkName As String
Dim wkbk As Workbook

myRealWkbkName = "C:\my documents\excel\book1.xls"

myFileNames = Array("C:\my documents\excel\book11.xls", _
"C:\my documents\excel\book21.xls", _
"C:\my other folder\book11.xls")

myPasswords = Array("pwd1", _
"pwd2", _

If UBound(myFileNames) <> UBound(myPasswords) Then
MsgBox "check names & passwords--qty mismatch!"
Exit Sub
End If

Set myRealWkbk = Workbooks.Open(Filename:=myRealWkbkName, UpdateLinks:=0)

For iCtr = LBound(myFileNames) To UBound(myFileNames)
Set wkbk = Nothing
On Error Resume Next
Set wkbk = Workbooks.Open(Filename:=myFileNames(iCtr), _
On Error GoTo 0

If wkbk Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "Check file: " & myFileNames(iCtr)
Exit Sub
End If

wkbk.Close savechanges:=False
Next iCtr

End Sub

(I got bored after 3 workbooks. You may want to test it with a couple to get it

If you're new to macros, you may want to read David McRitchie's intro at:

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