How do I join a secure .mdb that was created with 2003 with 2007

Aug 11, 2010
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I apologize for the wording of the title, I am a beginner to Access and fell into a large database at my new job a week ago. The database tracks all our students. However it was created years ago by someone way smarter than me at access and now that there is a vista migration going on here at my work, I'm afraid we may not be able to make it work if upgraded.

The problem lies in that when trying to join a secure database in 2003 you just click the ribbon button on >Tools>Security>Group Administrators. I can then join the group and have access to the .mdb

First problem is 2007 does not afford me that option when opening a secure .mdb unless I am missing something. It prompts me and says I do not have sufficient permissions then goes to the home screen, not a blank access window with full funcionality.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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