2003 User&Permissions Problem in 2007




I have been using a 2003 mdb database with User Level Security in 2007 with
absolutely no problems until I recently tried to add a new user. The User and
Group Accounts window opens from Users & Permissions on the 2007 ribbon, I
can create a new user, a PID for the user, assign group membership and save
the information. When I next try to logon to the database using the newly
created user I get "Not a valid account name or password" but the newly
created user and their permissions are shown correctly in the User and Group

The account name and password do not contain invalid characters.
The database is split into front and back ends. Result is the same whether
the new user is created in back or front end.
Users join the secured workgroup on the server through a shortcut that has
appropriate command-line parameters - I have used the VBA Immediate window to
check that the correct workgroup is being joined - it is.
All users and passwords created before moving to 2007 work correctly.

Is there something really obvious I am missing here?

Any help appreciated.

Tom van Stiphout

On Mon, 28 Sep 2009 03:26:01 -0700, Al <[email protected]>

Even though it sounds like you were rather thorough, I would still
argue your edits went into an unexpected MDW file. You could check if
the file datetime stamp has changed after the edit.
Also when you create a shortcut, don't forget that the first part is
the full path to msaccess.exe, and the third part is /wrkgrp with the
full path to the workgroup file. Don't let Windows assume the path.
In the Immediate window enter:
It will tell you which MDW you are connected to.
MDWs can be opened with Access (I would open a COPY) and some tables
can be inspected.

Microsoft Access MVP

Joan Wild

Try logging in using the new username with a blank/null password. I
think you may be confusing the PID with a password - they are not the
same. Creating a new user via the dialogs, you can't create a password.
You have to log in as the user, and then set a password while logged
in as them.

Joan Wild

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