Word How do I insert a conditional page break during a word merge?

Mar 1, 2013
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Hi... I've been reading up on this question before posting... I know its been asked before in various ways. However, I have followed the advice and just can't get this to perform in word 2010.

here is my simple string:

Using F9....

{ IF {MERGEFIELD Post_Code} = "red" "*insert page break*" }

Where "*insert page break*" is entered using the tool bar and a physical page break

Everytime I try this all that happens is I get a page break.. regardless of whether the argument for MERGEFIELD Post_code is true or false.

What am I missing?

Mar 20, 2012
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I think you would have to specify what to do when the condition is false, but I haven't used an IF field in Word in a loooong time. Try the following and see if that does it:
{IF {MERGEFIELD Post_Code} = "red" "*insert page break*" "" }

Let me know if that clears it up.

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