how do i give access contacts multiple categories?



I have started using the new Microsoft Access Contact Database.

Some of my contacts are associated with a number of Categories. ie.
personal, work, local sporting club, business etc.....

Yet the template database only allows you to allocated one category per

does anybody know of another template that resolves my problem or how i can
do this myself?




Mark Andrews

You would need to add another table for the categories for each contact
(tblContactCategory) and another table for the list of categories

tblCategory is a simple table to hold the list of 10 categories for example
CategoryID Autonumber
Categoryname text

tblContactCategory holds the relationship between contacts and their
ContactCategoryID autonumber
ContactID Long
CategoryID Long

Then you would need to add a subform or other method for the user to select
categories for each contact.

I have a new template (that's in development) that you would probably love.
I could shoot you the beta test version if you are interested. It allows
for multiple groups per contact. However it's not quite done yet.
I have two other CRM templates that are better than the one from Microsoft,
however I don't think those have multiple categories "out of the box". Two
of the three templates only work with Access2007. The new one is designed
as a more of an "off the shelf" product, no source code.

Shoot me an email if you need details (see website for info),
Mark Andrews
RPT Software

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