How do I get VueScan to scan full pages from my hp LaserJet 3030 ADF?


Mark F

How do I get VueScan to scan full pages from my hp LaserJet 3030 Doc
Feeder? I am trying to scan complete 8.5 x 11 inch pages with
"Line art" or "Text". I am trying to produce TIF files.

Am running VueScan 8.4.56 Professional Edition

I am running Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 and all
security, reliability, and availability patches as of 2008 January 10.

I have no problems scanning from the flatbed scanner, although I
find that I have to use manual cropping to get the entire page.

Although I am only trying to get multipage TIF files of "Line art"
at 600 dpi, for my tests I have tried single and multiple pages,
PDF and TIF output, various Scan resolutions, various Media,
and a bunch of other things.

With "Mode: Doc Feeder" I find that only part of the pages are
scanned. I don't seem to be able to scan the entire width of the
document: only 8.459 inches out of 8.5. But the big problem
is that either the leading edge, the trailing edge, or both
leading and trailing edge are missing.

I have tried both PDF and TIF output, with various combinations
of "Scan resolution", "Media", and output Printed Size for PDF
and "PDF paper size" for PDF. I have tried various options
for Crop: Manual, Maximum, Auto, 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14 and
I still can't get everything included in the output

If I mark the leading edge or the trailing edge with a
black mark about 1/8 inch by 1 inch, I loose much less from
that edge, but I still loose perhaps 1/64 inch.

However, if I mark both leading and trailing than one of three
things happen: 1. I see almost to the leading edge, 2. I see
almost to the trailing edge, 3. I see a part somewhere in the middle.

I can scan with the 8.5x14 page and see more than 13 inches, but again
not 14 inches. I fed in a page made by overlapping and taping 2 pages,
resulting in an 8.5 x about 15 inch page.

The PDF page seems to be 8.5 x 14. The scanned area about
8.5 by about 12 inches. The scanned area does not show a mark
on the leading edge that I know can be seen by VueScan and included
in TIF files (and perhaps PDF files) with other crop settings.
I am not sure why the scanned area only represents about 12 inches of
length. The scanned area appears across the entire 8.5 inch width
of the PDF page, but I know that something less than 8.5 inches of
width was scanned since I don't see marks on the edges of the
page. I assume, therefore, that some scaling was done to produce
the PDF file. The scanned area is centered top to bottom within
the 14 inch long PDF page. (When I use the flatbed for the same "page"
everything on the flatbed is scanned, which is 8.5 inches wide
and more than not as long as can be seen when the page is fed in
the ADF.)

The TIF file says it is 8.459 x 11.791 inches. (I don't know
why it isn't 8.5 x 14.) The scanned area within the TIF
file seems to match the 8.459 x 11.791 inches that the file says
it is (so no scaling here.) 11 inches from the top of the actual
page corresponds to about 10.85 from the top of the image, indicating
about 0.15 inches was lost from the leading edge of the original page,
but I know the document feeder is able to see closer to the leading
edge since my .1 inch mark on the leading edge of the page can
be seen when scanning using the document feeder and some other
cropping settings.

Does anyone know how to fix things?

Can anyone suggest other combinations of things to try?

If not, what other information do I need to send to VueScan support
.. vuescan.log
.. flatbed scan of a sample page
.. complete listing of all values for all tabs in VueScan
.. BelArc Advisor for my system

The specific scan above was done using the following VueScan
(partial list of) settings:
Task: Scan to file
Source: LaserJet 3030
Mode: Doc Feeder
Media: Color photo
Media size: 8.5 x 14 in.
Bits per pixel: Auto
Batch scan: All
Scan resolution: 150 dpi
Rotation None
(not Mirror)
Auto scan: None
Auto save: Scan
Auto print: None
Auto eject: Exit
(not Lock image color)

Crop size: 8.5 x 14
(not Auto offset)
X offset: 0
Y offset: 0
Multicrop: None
(not Auto rotate)
Crop orientation: Portrait
Lock aspect ratio: Off
Border (%): 0
Buffer (%): 0
Preview area: Manual
Preview X offset: 0
Preview Y offset 0
Preview X size: 8.5
Preview Y size: 14

Filter and Color don't seem of interest here. I took the defaults.

(not Restore colors)
(not Restore fading)
Grain reduction: None
(not Sharpen)

Output (just the stuff that seems related to the problem)
Printed size 8.5 x 14 in.
TIFF file
PDF file
PDF paper size: 8.5 x 14 in.

Prefs, Color (I took whatever the program wanted, either by
default or by interaction with other parameters)

(originally posted in alt.comp.periphs.scanner. Moved here since
the alt group seems obsolete.)

When I use the software that came with the scanner to scan from
the ADF, it tells me the page is 8.50 x 14.00 inches, but then
automatically selects a much smaller area due to a bug in the
software that doesn't recognize the true document size: 8.20 x
13.12 inches for this particular case. I can then adjust to 8.37 x
13.34 inches. Looking at "Resize" I can see that I cannot
make the "Selection Area Dimensions" more than 8.37 x 13.34,
which might indicate that the ADF can only go up to that
size, but note that the flatbed can do the entire 8.50 width.
Putting a black 8.5 x 11 page in the ADF results in the hp
software saying the page is 8.37 x 10.62. Note that VueScan sees
a width of 8.459. Also, remember that VueScan can see both the
leading and trailing edge with, but not on the same scan.

This software says it is
HP Scanning 2.0
sct 2
bdt 0
fw: (empty)
agent IE 6
script engine 5.6.8834
agent version:
4.0 (compatible; msie 6.0; windows nt 5.1; sv 1;
.net clr 1.1.4322

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