How do I get Jpegs to show in access reports



I have created a report in Access and it has Jpegs in it. When I send out a
snapshot it only shows "jpeg", not the pictures. How do I fix that? Thanks
so much.

Larry Linson

Lily said:
I have created a report in Access and it has Jpegs in it.
When I send out a snapshot it only shows "jpeg", not
the pictures. How do I fix that? Thanks so much.

(1) Do you mean you have Images, or the path and file name of Images, in the
Records that you want to display with each Record; or do you mean that you
have an Image that is not data-dependent (e.g., a company logo in the Report

(2) If the Images are in the Record, in what type of Field are they stored,
(3) in what type Control are you trying to display them?

(4) Have you checked the properties of the Control, to make sure you have
selected to display Thumbnail, not Icon?

(5) What version of Access are you using?

(6) When you view the Report in Preview, on the screen, do you see the image
or the icon for jpeg? That is, does it work properly until you print it as

Please clarify these items and perhaps someone can offer a useful

From your wording, I am guessing you have an Image (.jpg format) for each
Record. So, in the meanwhile, here's a link to some examples I prepared
because we had so many questions on this topic.

The sample imaging databases at illustrate three
approaches to handling images in Access, and the download includes an
article discussing considerations in choosing an approach. Two of the
approaches do not use OLE Objects and, thus, avoid the database bloat, and
some other problems, associated with images in OLE Objects.

If you are printing the images in reports, to avoid memory leakage, you
should also see MVP Stephen Lebans' is an Access97 MDB containing a report that fails during
the Access formatting process prior to being spooled to the Printer Driver.
This MDB also contains code showing how to convert the contents of the Image
control to a Bitmap file prior to printing. This helps alleviate the "Out of
Memory" error that can popup when printing image intensive reports.

And, Stephen has an ActiveX control available that works in cases where the
graphics filters are not available -- and works better, I've heard, than the
OLE Object and OLE Controls.

Please note that there are other approaches, e.g.,
Application.FollowHyperlink, but those, like OLE and Bound OLE Frames (which
from the symptoms you describe, are what you were / are using) still leave
you "at the mercy of the imaging software registered for the filetype").

Finally, Access 2007 has enhancements that, reputedly, eliminate the
database bloat long associated with OLE Objects and Bound OLE Frames. But,
it still leaves you relying on the software registered for the image type,
which may not be as "cooperative" as we'd like in creating our display. It
also has the capability of having a variable number of Attachments to a
Record, which may be helpful. But, as I have not done much with it yet, I
certainly wouldn't suggest you rush out and replace an earlier version --
not until the first Service Pack, at least.

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