How do I fill to the end of the line with dots in Word..........?



I want to fill to the end of a line with dots, like this:

If I hold down the period key, in Word it makes a series of ellipses, like
this: ... ... ... ...

I am sure there is a simple way to autofill to the end of the line. Do you
know how it's done?

Thank you,




Herb Tyson [MVP]

Those are called tab leaders. You can insert them by setting a tab (at the
end of the line) that uses the desired leader type, and then inserting a

To have dots go out to the 6.5" mark, for example, press Alt+OT (Format -
Tabs). This will bring forth the Tabs dialog. If the current paragraph
contains any explicit tabs, click Clear All. Set the Tab stop position: to
the desired location. Under Leader, click the 2nd one (for dots). If you
want there to be something that follows the dots and is aligned at the right
margin, then choose Right alignment. Then click Set, and OK.

Back in the document, type the text you want left-aligned, then tap the tab
key, and type whatever it is you want to appear after the dots.

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