how do I customize contact display to include a user-defined field



I need to create a second Mobile Phone field, Mobile Phone 2. I went to the
"All Fields" and then in the "Select From" drop down, I selected "Phone
Number Fields". I created a new field named "Mobile Phone 2" and it placed
in the "user defined fields" category (I'm ok with that) and saved the
contact. I am trying to get the Mobile PH 2 field to show up on the
"general" view for the contact and ideally be able to select it as on of the
Phone Number fields. Is that possible? If not how can display a
user-defined field in the general view? Thanks in advance.

Using XP and Office 2007 Ultimate

Sue Mosher [MVP]

It is not possible to add a custom field to Outlook's phone number selector
controls. You would have to show it as a separate field on a custom form or
just rely on using the All Fields page of the contact form. See to learn why you may not want
to modify the General page of the contact form.

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