How do I customize Autotext in Word 2007?



With Word 2003 I used Autotext extensively for a combination of word and
symbols that I could enter by merely typing in a code word and pressing F3.
To create the Autotext, all I had to do was press Alt-I to get to Autotext,
press N for new Autotext entry.

I realize in Word 2007, I have to go thru the steps to create a building
block. I am willing to re-do all that taking many extra steps, but I am
REALLY frustrated at how to find and use a building block that I have
created. By the time I have gone thru INSERT, TEXT, QUICK PARTS, BUILDING
BLOCKS ORGANIZER, then scroll down NAME to find my code word, most of the
time I have have forgotten what I intended to insert, and it breaks up my
train of thought.

Is there a quick way of getting to the autotext that I have created? THANKS!

Jay Freedman

To create a new AutoText entry from text you've selected in the
document, press Alt+F3. In the dialog that appears, enter a name and
set the gallery dropdown to "AutoText". Generally it's OK to save the
entry in the Building Blocks.dotx file, but you can tell the dialog to
save it in Normal.dotm if you prefer.

If you have an existing template from an earlier Word version that
already contains your AutoText entries, just save it in the Document
Building Blocks folder within your profile, and the entries will all
be available in Word 2007. (If that template contains macros, it's a
good idea to delete them from this copy.)

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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Thanks! I thought I had tried Alt+F3 before and it didn't work. Well,
anyway, it's working now. I really appreciate your response!

Beth Melton

I noted you prefer to type a portion, or the first unique characters of your
entry, and press F3. If you do want a mouse approach that will show you only
those entries you've added to the AutoText gallery then you can add the
AutoText gallery to your Quick Access Toolbar, which is always in view. To
do so, right-click your QAT and then click Customize. From the Choose
Commands From list, select Commands Not In the Ribbon. Locate AutoText and
add it to your QAT. Note this button also has a Save to AutoText Gallery
command at the bottom.

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Beth Melton
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