How do I create Vertical line down whole detail section?



As the detail section can grow and shrink I want insert my line using On
Print in the property section as per some advise given in another thread (not
started by me). The advisor suggested the code [Me.Line (2.3 * 1440, 0) -
Step(0, 20 * 1440)]
]but I have no idea how or where to insert it. Can anyone help? How do I
create or edit the [event procedure] in On Print in the properties section



Duane Hookom

Open your report in design view and double-click the gray bar above the
detail section. This should display the properties dialog. Click the Event
properties tab. Click the dropdown in the On Print event and select [Event
Procedure]. Then click the [...] button on the right.

You should now be in the code window with these lines already entered for you:

Private Sub GroupHeader2_Print(Cancel As Integer, PrintCount As Integer)

End Sub

Enter the code below between the two lines to draw a vertical line about
2.3" from the left margin.
Me.Line (2.3 * 1440, 0) - Step(0, 20 * 1440)

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