How do I create a glossary in MS Word



The current method I use to create a glossary is to initially mark an
abbreviation and corresponding meaning using the 'mark entry' function in
Office Word 2003. After the document is compiled, I then use the create index
function which lists all my abbreviations but also the corresponding page
numbers, which I don't want. Is there a better way to create a glossary which
doesn't involve me trawling through my index, deleting page numbers as I go?

Margaret Aldis

You could avoid generating page numbers by putting the meaning in the "cross
reference" part of the Mark Entry dialog, instead of using the subentry. Or
simply select the "Cross reference" radio button to suppress page number for
the entry. (If you want to edit your current entries, add \t "" after
the entry/subentry pair.)

If you want to automate what you have now, use the \e switch in the Index
field to set a unique separator before the page numbers, and then Find and
Replace to replace separator, numbers and para mark with just the para mark.

Shauna Kelly has a good selection of other ideas for glossaries at

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