How do I convert a pdf image document to Word and select text?

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Constitution Counts

I receive pdf files in e-mails. Most of them are actually image files rather
than Word files that have just been converted to pdf format. I can select and
edit text from a Word created pdf without any problem. However the other
files are treated as image files in Word and I cannot select text to cut and
paste. I have used Paint after I have saved the pdf "text block" which is
really just part of a image and put that into Word but it is not really
legible. How can I make it so and manipulate it. I ran across RazzmaTag for
Word in My search that says "so if you have old proprietary typesetting
files, you can now convert them Word documents." Will that software solve the
problem? I also ran across "convert writing in handwritten form to typed
text." - "Right click the selected text, point to Ink Object on the shortcut
menu and click recognize." Haven't been able to do that either. Any help
would be appreciated.

JoAnn Paules

If the .pdf wasn't created in a way to recognize text, you will need
software to convert it with OCR. Even then, there's no guarantee it'll work.

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