How do I change .rtf files to .doc Word files?



I edit the local village magazine and some articles are emailed to me in
..rtf, which makes for large, slow downloading, attachments. Also, I hear
from the church webmaster that he is having trouble putting rich text
documents onto the website. Can anyone tell me how to "save as" these rtf
docs to Word .doc please?
I use Office 2003, work in Word first, transfer to Publisher for the mag and
then email to the printer as a pdf.


You should have no problem opening the *.rtf file directly in Word. Then do
File - save as - choose *.doc


Thanks, I have tried that but the "save as" drop down box only gives me
options I don't need such as html or various kinds of webpages - is there a
way to change that?

Graham Mayor

The save as drop down lists all the installed filter options that are
correctly installed - including Word Document.
Furthermore there should be no reason why the webmaster cannot handle RTF
format which is an earlier simpler Word standard.
If the files coming to you are large, get the senders to zip them before
mailing. There is a lot of slack in documents.

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