Conversion from Word for Dos 5.5 needed: 100 documents +3 books



I have 100 documents and three 300page b-ooks written in word for dos 5, 5.5
or 6 (all interchangeable). They use all features of Word, like 2 columns,
tiff pictures insertion, footnotes, ä accented characters, ...

I have tried for years to convert themto some modern format like doc, docx,
rtf or pdf. I installed old word versi ons, I manage to export rtf or word
for win v2. Oh, the rtf is an OLD version of rtf. When I try to open these
files in word 2003, the text is all nicely formatted, except the pictures
have only placeholders, there is empty space instead of the pictures. The
pictures were external links and look like code in Word5.5:

I think it is shameful for Microsoft not to attend to its old customers and
not to maintain converters. But this seems to be a fact, not much I can do
about this.

So I look for solutions. I need these files in modern format, be it doc,
rtf, or pdf. At some time I want to convert them into good clean html too.

What are the solutions? It seems to me that I need to get word97 as an
intermediate format that can open word for dos6? Where can I get word97 to
install on my computer? If I get word97, then I can directly import that into
word2003? or are there other steps needed?

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