How do I change a ACCESS database someone else created?



I have inherited a database that at one point in time was helpful. I am
tracking an inventory of computer and other electronic equipment that
frequently moves from room to room. I need to make changes to the initial
database to make queries easier to run, but I can't figure out how to do
this. For instance, one column is headed "Groups" which are different option
areas in our college. Our college has grown since the database was created,
and I need to add additional option areas. How do I do this?



Rick B

That all depends. You'd need to look at the table structure and ses if
there is a list of those groups stored in a separate table, or if the
designer hard-coded the list, or if there is a query that simply pulls all
the unique entries from that field.

Go to the TABLES tab and research the table structure. You might also get
into design-view on the form you use to make entries and look at that
particular control. In the "properties" you should be able to see the data
source for the field.

Post back if you need more help.

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