How do I center align my entire web page?



I am not real familiar with Front Page, I have the 2003 version. But I would
like to center align my entire web page, so what ever size the resolution is,
the page is always centered. How do I do this?



Mark Fitzpatrick

What developers typically do is create a table and then set the alignment of
the table to be center, this way the table will always stick in the middle.
You can set the table so it is a percentage of the width of the browser
window, or set it to be a specific size so that it will always appear in a
uniform manner within the page. If you are developing with a small monitor
or running at a low resolution such as 800x600, I would advise using a fixed
width table. Using percentages will make a page really distort for users who
have higher resolution monitors unless the layout is carefully crafted
(which can be tricky to say the least).

Hope this helps,
Mark Fitzpatrick
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage


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