How do I calculate standard error in excel?



Kyle said:
How do I calculate standard error in excel?

=STDEV(range) / SQRT(COUNT(range))

Note that in Excel, STDEV is the sample std dev (variance computed using
n-1), not the population std dev (STDEVP; variance computed using n)

Luke M

If your referring to statistics, I think you mean standard deviation (how far
data is off from the average). In which case, you want to use STDEV.

Jim Cone

Look up "standard error" in the Excel help file and see what is says about "STEYX"
Jim Cone
Portland, Oregon USA

"Kyle" <[email protected]>
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How do I calculate standard error in excel?


assuming that your data are as :
Known y's are in range A2: A20
Known x's are in tange B2 : B20

try this
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=STDEV(range) / SQRT(COUNT(range))

As others noted, arguably it depends on what standard error you want. The
formula above is the standard error of the mean.

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Nov 9, 2017
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Standard Error (SE)
Click on STDEV and drag across those cells you want to calculate the STDEV of
put "/SQRT(n)" after the STDEV to divide it by square root of number of samples
You should have "=STDEV(XX:XX)/SQRT(n)" as the formula in the cell - this will give the SE.

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