How do I bring my 2003 Settings with me to the new Word 2007?



I start each day at work by going to the MS Settings Wizard. It quickly
adjusted my settings including all of my personally formatted function keys
and 3 specialized toolbars that I have created for my own daily use. We now
have MS Office 2007 and I can't find the Settings Wizard anywhere; nor can I
figure out how to save my toolbars. I can't even figure out how to create and
name my own toolbars anymore!! What happened to the 'organizer'? There aren't
any tabs on the organizer for templates anymore! And what happened to the
"Tools" tab where you used to be able to go and find the "templates"?! Is
there any way to save your settings in an .ops file anymore?




There is a simpler solution. ToolbarToggle has created an add-in for Word,
Excel and PowerPoint that brings back the original Office 2003 menus and
toolbars into Office 2007 for less than $20.

Besides being able to customize and add unlimited toolbars and menu items,
ToolbarToggle allows the old style floating and docking anywhere. Through a
key press, you can turn the Ribbon on or off, turn the commandbars and menus
on or off as well REPLACE the Ribbon entirely. ToolbarToggle even accepts
shortcut keys (Alt+F, Alt+E, etc..).

Please try the demo let us know if you feel this helps solve your problems.

You can download ToolbarToggle from:

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