How do I break the link between a Word template and its new docume



I created a template. When I use the template to create a new document, it
seems to link back to the template. When I close and save the new document,
it then always wants to save my changes from my new document to the template.
How di I break the link created between the template and the new document,
so it stops asking me to save my changes to the template? I didn't have this
problem in Word 97, but I believe this problem occurs in both Word 2003 and
Word 2007.

Also, when closing and saving a document I previously made from a template,
it will not allow me to just save the document. When prompted to save the
document I select Yes. Then, it prompts me to save the template twice, so I
select No both times. Then, it gives me a permissions error and reverts back
to my previous document without my changes. To work around this, I have to
Save the document first before closing Word. Then, it only prompts me to
save the template once, so I select No, and everything is fine.

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