How do I automatically connect to a network share on a mac?


Christopher Beard

I have a Windows 2000 Server running File Server For
Macintosh. I was able to find a way to manually browse
the network from the Mac to open the share, however, I
would like to find a way to automate "mapping a network
drive" on the Mac so that my users don't have to create
the connection every time. I know nothing about Macs, so
if someone knows step by step how to do this or at least
the terminology or where I can research this, I would be
extremely thankful!



Jim Seifert [MSFT]

Steps for OS 9 below:

On the Mac w/OS 9 mount the share.
Make an alias of the share. (open apple m)
You can place that share alias in the startup items folder if you like or
you can leave it on the desktop and users can connect when needed.
If the alias was placed in the startup items folder then the user will be
prompted for a password on startup after which the share will be mounted.

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