How do I add a picture in a database for my staff ID Cards?



I am creating a database for my office members. I want to make a table to
store my office member information (contact details, fame, etc...) and I want
to make a form where I can easly walk around my staff and keep updating the
info, in this form (or another form) I also want to have the ID cards of my
staff automaticly created as I fill in the table (which OKAY to do this), I
did till here and it was good but, I want this database to store the pictures
of my staff so that the ID does not remaines without a photo. What can I do
to add a picture in my staff ID card's form, the picture to be stored in the
same database and if a change comes to the picture (some one leaves and the
other come) I want to delet the previous picture and add a new picture so two
command bottons are required as ADD PICTURE and DELET PICTURE.

As I am in a country where finding solution is not easy (Afghanistan) I
kindly ask an experts to help me with this question (problem) out.

Will thank you for any help, guidance, advice and wisdom,

Data tracker for a local demining agency

Lynn Trapp

It is not advisable to store your picture in the database, as this can cause
the database to grow significantly in size. Rather, simply store the path to
your pictures in some text field in the database. The Northwind database,
which ships with Access, has an example of how to display the pictures when
you need to.

Lynn Trapp
MS Access MVP
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