How do I add a new top level home/topage/index.htm in Frontpage 2000?



I've got a website that was developed by others. It's done in
Frontpage 2000 and I have 2000 installed and the website on my C:
drive. I also have a test location where I can publish the page to
see the effects of my changes.

It appears they used navigation bar (on the left site). Pretty
simple, just a bunch of buttons displaying pages with pictures and

I need to add a new top level page to the site for an upcoming
promotion. The page will be simple, a few pictures and text and a
button that will then enter into the main site.

How do I do this in FP2000? I've tried Navigation and "new top page"
but it puts the top page next to the existing page but I really want
it on top. As you can see I'm not really a pro at FP but I'm giving
it a go.






In FP 2003, you can right click on the page filename (after you have made &
saved it with whatever name) in Folders or Folder List, and the scrolldown
menu include "Set as home page." If you click, the selected page will be the
new homepage with the name "default"; the old homepage will still exist as a
I don't remember FP 2000 -- I hope this works for you!

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