How do i add a co-worker to the top of an organisation chart?



I am trying to create an organisation chart in Powerpoint. We have two
directors who both need to be shown at the top of the chart, but i don't
seems to be able to do this.

Any advice?


There can only be one on the top. You will need to manually add an Autoshape
and lines onto the organization chart.
Shawn Toh (tohlz)
Microsoft MVP PowerPoint

Site Updated: May 19, 2007
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As Shawn says there is no really satisfactory way to do this but you might
try also:

Create a diagram with a blank top level and the two directors at level two.
Add a connector from the draw > autoshapes>connectors menu linking the two
directors and then select the whole diagram and cut > paste special as a
windows metafile.

Now use the crop tool to remove the top layer

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