How can I set Excel to open the secound and new file/shortcut in a new window?


Bjorn Jensen

I have a problem with Excel 2007 :-/

In Excel 2003 you could tell Excel to opne secound file/link in a new window but
I and many others can not find the same setup possiblility in Excel 2007...

So are there anyone out here that can tell me how to tell Excel to open second
file/link in a new window?


I know this possiblility:

The first file:
Open an Excel file with the file shortcut directly and it opnes a its own window
The secound file:
Open the Excel program and then take the secound file shortcut and put into the
new and blank Excel windows
And then you have 2 separated Excel windows with diffirent files inserted.

But this way it a step backwards!

Specially when you see on the new Windows 7. Here has Microsoft made it possible
the make 2 equal sized windows. So would it not be smart to make Excel open
files in separat windows together with the new thing in Windows 7.

If we ask Microsoft - NO!

They really listen to their customer and make a lot of progress with their
programs and how they fit together... :-/




I've installed my copy of Office 2007 Home & Student (3 licenses) dozens of
times. EVERY Time I had installed it before purchasing Windows 7 (with XP,
Vista Home Premium 32 and 64-bit, and Windows 7 Release Candidate 32 and
64-bit) each document opened in a new window... The computers at work did
that as well. And also the computers at school -- laid off, trying change
careers. Every one of them.

But now, since purchasing and installing 7, Word still opens each document
in a separate window but Excel now opens everything up in the same window.

Some people don't believe me, but this is how it has worked by default for
me for over two years. I've spent months trying to get help on getting this
to work the other way, but I've found absolutely no help at all.

At the very least, I'd like Word to work this less convenient way if I can't
get Excel back the way it was. I at least want them to function the same.
But, I can't get help with that either.

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