How can I have a row copy to another worksheet based on dropdown v



Hi. I've only dabbled in Excel, but I'm trying to make a spreadsheet to help
myself and co-workers monitor our customer's contracts and the associated
end/renewal dates.

I've figured out how to make drop-down boxes and get the data entered.
However, I can't seem to figure out how to have an entire row populate on a
separate sheet if "Employee #1" is selected from the dropdown list.

As a very simple example. The columns are "Date, Customer Name, Contract,
Employee Name #1, Employee Name #2". Our manager can enter all of the data,
and selects an Employee Name from the drop-down. If that employee is "John",
I'd like the row to copy over to the Worksheet "John". Likewise for other
employees and for the column Employee Name #2). That would allow the manager
to print a sheet for each Employee easily, yet manage the data on one main

I suppose it may also be possible to copy the whole spreadsheet to another
sheet and somehow filter the results so that only one Employee's information
shows, but I'm just as clueless as to how to do that.

Any ideas? I imagine it probably isn't that hard. I tried using the LOOKUP
function but ended up with tons of duplicate entries.




Let's try the 'easy' way first. May not work depending on the overall setup
of your main sheet, but let's see if it does or not. You mentioned filtering
results, and we'll try that.

Select the cell at the top of the Employee #1 column, choose Data --> Filter
--> AutoFilter from the Excel menu. A drop-down list will be available and
can select the employee name from that list to filter the sheet to show only
entries with that employee name on rows in that column.

If that doesn't work, probably some VBA code will need to be written to do
the "copy to individual sheet" operation. But let's see if Data Filtering
will do the trick for you first.

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