Comparing two worksheets and highlight unmatched Data

Oct 22, 2012
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Hi Team,

I have did a search for what i am looking for but I haven't got what i am exactly seeking. I am sure, here the experts can help me with this.

I have two worksheets named New and Old respectively and the datas would look like as shown in the attachment.

In the attached workbook, New sheet needs to compare with old sheet and the columns that needs to refer are Employee Number, Name and Date of Birth.

If employee # is not matching then mark the entire row in Red since Employee # can be the Key to search in old sheet (Example employee # 789).

The thing here is, if any data that is not matching for a particular employee, then that cell has to be highlighted in Red and the matching data in Green.

Please advice if this can be done.

Your help will be really appreciated.



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