How can i get Multiple FONT Colour buttons on the toolbar


Mighty Magpie

Sorry if this has been covered before. I have been unable to find any
occurrences of the same question

I need to highlight selected text and change the colour either to RED or

At the moment, having selected the text, I click on the FONT clour button
and chose say, BLUE

Then I want to change the colour of another section of selected text to RED
so I chose the same button, pick the RED colour and there you go

I might then discover that I need to make another bit of text BLUE so I go
through it all agaon and chose the blue colour

I only ever use the same two colours for the selected text

Is there a way of having two font colour buttons/icons visible in my
toolbars at the same time, but with one permanently showing BLUE and the
other permanently showng RED?

I know how to have the font colour button visible several times on the
toolbar but I find that if I choose a colour in one, all the other font
colour icons change at the same time so they all allways show the same

I have to prepare Powerpoint presentations on a daily basis and would prefer
to be able to do the above without using Macros because that always seems to
generate the message "enable/disable Macros" when opening.

I am using Powerpoint 2002


Steve Rindsberg

You can do what you're after with VBA, but in this case it might be a twenty
pound hammer driving a brad.

How about this:

Click the downarrow next to the font color button on the drawing toolbar.
When the font color popup appears, click on the colored or gray/dotted bar at
the top of the popup and drag it onto your main screen.

It'll stay put until you dismiss it.

Voila. Font color buttons.

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