How can I get back my unlost data excel worksheet



I can't open my orginal worksheet with data.It has been lost and
showw message
"Excel recovered your formulas and cell values, but some data may have been

and When I click"Click to view log file listing repairs
C:\Docume~1\ADMIN~1\LOCALS~1\TEMP\ERROR003160 01.XML"
It show error coding
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
- <recoveryLog
<summary>Errors were detected in file 'G:\D.Internet.xls'</summary>
- <additionalInfo>
<info>Excel recovered your formulas and cell values, but some data may
have been lost.</info>
May I Know ,How can I do to get back original worksheet with unlost data.




What the log is telling you is where the recovery file is save, that message
that you got is standard usually you don't loss any data, however if you want
to be sure the only way is to recover the information from a backup
if this helps please click yes, thanks

Bernard Liengme

After you saw this error, did you save the workbook. If so then all is lost.
If you did not save the workbook there is a slim chance. Others have
reported that Open Office sometimes can open a corrupt Excel workbook and
allow the users to resave it in Excel format.
Open Office is free from
I have never used this method to recover a file but I know others who have
done so
best wishes


Hi Kyaw,

I would suggest you to open the Ms-Excel first then click the Open menu and
select the file.
Do not open the file directly, Once you select the file in the dialog box
then "Open" button will be highlighted/Enabled, near to that button you will
find a dropdown, click there.
You will get list of options for opening that file.
Click the "Open and Repair" option.

I think, this will help you and you will not lose your data, and once you
opened the file, save it with different name using "Save As".

Good Luck,




To achieve instant recovery of damaged Excel file, you can use Kernel for Excel that ensures perfect recovery. This tool repairs both .xls and .xlsx files by scanning the files recursively. The output it yields never gets altered during recovery process and is presented in the same format as it was previously. Also, the software is quite handy, portable and user friendly. 4 more information

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