How can I convert many rows of hyperlinks to BASE links?



Hi, there!

I have a spreadsheet consisting of several hundred rows, and in Column F of
each row is a hyperlink consisting of the word "detail." Each of these
hyperlinks represents a base link consisting of different US bicycling clubs.

I would like to convert all of these hyperlinks back to their base links and
can do it one at a time, but this is not efficient and will take forever.
I’m thinking that there’s a formula I can write in a new column on each row
of the spreadsheet that is capable of extracting the base link info in the
“details†column, and converting it to the actual base link in the new

Ideally, I would be able to "copy" this formula all the way down the new
column to reveal all the base links for each of the cycling clubs at one
time, but this means the formula would have to be devised so it can pull the
specific info pertaining to each cycling club in each row. I’ve taken a
brief look at “formulas†under “Help†on the tool bar, but I’m still not sure
how to do this, or if, in fact, it’s do-able at all. If anyone can assist me
with this, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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