How can I change the Favorites folder???



I know how to "import" a favorites folder, that is usually called
Bookmark.htm....but I have a different problem. Recently, I had a new C drive
installed with a brand new XPPro OS also installed...but I kept the old C
drive now renamed to F drive. In the documents&settings folder there under my
old name is the Favorites folder that is the most recent and correct one I
want to use. But I can't seem to import it as it's not really a file that IE6
will import. Then I tried to simply move the whole folder from the F drive to
my new name folder on C...and that didn't work either. That is, when I dbl
click the Fav folder, yup, it's the right one..but IE isnt' reading same...

What can I do to fix this?


Alan Edwards

You do not import a folder. You import a file.
You cannot import unless you have exported first to a file like

Do not move the whole folder. Copy the contents of the folder.


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