how can I build an online store with frontpage 2003?



I like to build a user friendly dvd, cd online store. How can I do it using
frontpage 2003 and where can I host this site?


Do you intend to accept credit cards on this site? If so, I suggest you
talk to your bankers before you go any further.

For hosting you will need a server that supports PHP, ASP or asp.NET,
together with a database server such as mySQL or MS SQL Server.
You may also need a security certificate installed.

PayPal can handle the credit card transactions for you, so you don't have to
deal with those.

For the site itself, look for a Shopping Cart application - these are too
difficult to build with FrontPage - if there are only a dozen or so products
involved, then PayPal may also be able to provide the cart - also some
hosts have limited shopping carts as an option.

For example, provides two e-commerce solutions that run on
asp.NET 2 - whether these are "user friendly" or not I do not know.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

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