hotmail is blank??? HELP!!!



ONLY with hotmail is this happening!!!
I can sign in at the login page of hotmail and then click the sign in button
only to have my address take and it seems like its about to open the page,
but then it just says page not avaliable after waiting forever with a white
screen and then i refresh even and it comes up blank again. Its only with
trying to view my hotmail emails. I thought the server was just busy but
other friends of mine havent had a problem at that time. What is wrong? Is it
my security or cookies? If so please let me know exactly what setting to fix.
Help is much appreciated.



Rafael T

There's not much you can do about it. Since the problem only happens to one
website, it basically tells you that the problem is at the server side.

Now hotmail stores users' emails in different servers, so maybe the one that
stores your emails is not working while the one that stores your friend's
email is working. Just wait and try again later.
*i do have that problem from time to time


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