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Robert G. Bonillas

I have decided to setup a wireless home lan. I have a
desktop pc running xp pro which is connected to a Linksys
wireless broadband router. I have recently added a
notebook pc to this setup which is also running xp pro.
The notebook connects to the wireless router via a
Linksys wireless adapter. I have ran the network setup
wizard on both and set up a workgroup between these two

What I want to be able to do is share files between these
two pc's. I am able to see both computers on the
network, but recently when I open a subdirectory on the
other pc, it asks me for a username and password which it
didn't before. I guess this was the result of trying to
assign permissions to subdirectories using the NTFS
security feature, but not very succesful.

The problem is the following: I can't seem to be able to
add my notebook pc to the user permissions in the
security tab of a defined subdirectory, and vice versa.
It only brings up users of the current pc. Any
suggestions? Thanks.

Bobby B.





to share folders across the network you would need to
have valid user accounts on both pc's. i.e for
username "bobby" with password "password" to access files
on your notebook that account must be on your desktop and
notebook. Because you are on a LAN all security is done
locally on each PC. So to have access to that machine you
must have an account on the machine.

You could always try simple file sharing. (my computer,
tools, folder options, view. check box at bottom of page)

hope that helps its a bit hard to make clear


Robert G. Bonillas

Thanks for the reply Craig.

So do you mean I must have the same account on both
pc's? That is, lets say username bobby on both the
desktop and notebook, with the same password?

Why is it that I'm unable to add (or see) a username on
the notebook (network pc) under the security feature for
permissions of that subdirectory on the desktop, and vice

Bobby B.


Thanks for that info Robert - that has given me a steer
on my problem too!

Frank Baker


So what was it that caused the problems?
Did you just use simple file sharing?
It can get a bit confusing when you start using NTFS



Robert G. Bonillas

I just created the same accounts on both computers and
learned how to file share by reading the article. Cool!

Bobby B.

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