HiRePro Candidate Referral Program



HiRePro Candidate Referral Program:

“Opportunities multiply when they are seized.”
So, is your network strong enough to seize this opportunity? If your
answer is positive, then why don't you go ahead and give it a shot?

We are running a referral program for one of the largest company in
the Fortune 500 list.If the candidate recommended by you gets
selected, you will be earning a cash bonus for this.

Referral bonuses are Rs.45K for Senior Application Packaging Analyst
and Rs. 30K for Application Packaging Analyst

About our esteemed client:
A $61.10 billion company with 76,500 + employees. One of the US-based
companies ranked in the “Top 20 List” as one of the most admired
companies in the United States.

Application Packaging Analyst & Senior Application Packaging Analyst
Experience :1.5 - 4.5 years of application packaging experience.
Job Location: Pune

Knowledge and skills:
1.Thorough understanding of Windows Desktop Operating Systems (Win2K,
XP, Vista)
2.Extensive Scripting Knowledge (Batch, VB, Wise)
3.Thorough understanding of Windows Installer Technologies (Wise,
Install shield)
4.Understanding of Application Compatibility & Virtualization
Technologies (E.g. AppV, ThinApp)
Tools & Technologies used:
1.Wise Application Studio
2.Install Shield,MSI Technology
3.Virtualization (APP-V, Softgrid, Thin-App)
Send your referrals now to (e-mail address removed) with the following
Your Name, E-mail ID & Contact Details
Information about the candidate being referred:
1.Attach Resume (preferably)
2.Name, E-mail,Contact no.
3.Present Company, Experience (in yrs.)
4.Is the candidate interested in the job(Yes/No)
Payments are only made upon once a rebate period of 6 months has
successfully elapsed. Payments are subject to candidate staying in the
organization for at least 6 months.
The person referred must not already been in touch with us or in our

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