High CPU spike every 7 seconds



After a bunch of head scratching, we resolved this problem. Since we
couldn't find a reference on the web, I'm putting this out to help out
some poor fellow that has the same issue.

We have multiple XP computers with Svc Pack 2 computers that have a
100% cpu spike that last about 3 seconds and occurs every 7 seconds -
fairly consistent intervals.

The Windows 2000 computers on the domain are not affected.

Watching the taskmgr, we see that the one of the svchost.exe processes
is the culprit and it's related to networking. Looking at the XP task
manager network traffic it's low to none.

If we stop the service Net Logon, wait a minute and start (don't use
restart), the problem will go away. We can then log off then log back
on & it works fine until we reboot the computer & the problem is back
We looked at the Group Policy Manager in Active Directory.
Under the Domain Group Policy:
computer configuration / administrative templates / system/group
the policy for Group Policy refresh interval for computers was set
enabled, how often: 0 random time added: 3 minutes

The '0' forced a seven second update. Group policies were being pushed
& although tested, we wanted a quick way to reverse the policy. We
can't understand why XP uses 100% cpu usage for group policy update but
we changed this policy to "how often: 30 minutes" for normal usage and
will modify it to 1 minute when implementing a new policy. Once we're
confident with it, we'll go back to the 30 minute push.

Just a side note... the not enabled, the default is 90 minutes with a
30 minute randomization. We had a policy that had bad results that
didn't show up in our test environment showed. We had to deal with the
torture of waiting up to 120 minutes for all effected computers to
update with the policy reversal. Although MS states that this can
impact the network, we have found that in a network of 1000+ computers,
it is very minimal and unnoticed.

Hope this helps!!

David Candy

You know by typing (XP only - in 2000 it's a switch to another command - secedit from memory)

gpupdate /force

You make it happen now.

I've used it a lot for testing.

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