Hide and Unhide AC 2007 Navigation Pane



Access 2007 sp2.

I'm using the tabbed interface.

I've been trying to utilize the Navigation Pane ONLY
when my main form (frmHome)is open or in front of other objects or forms.

When any other object or form is in front I want the nav pane
to be hidden not minimized like when one clicks the '<<' button
in the top right of the nav pane because I want the screen spacer.
Currently I have command buttons on the left side of my main form
to open my forms but it would be nice to have access to other objects
especially reports. Putting buttons for reports also on the main form
just makes the form very cluttered.

I'm currently using the following to hide the nav pane:

DoCmd.SelectObject acMacro, "Autoexec", True
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdWindowHide

And to redisplay the nav pane when I close the main form:

DoCmd.SelectObject acMacro, "Autoexec", True

Problem is I have created a custom nav pane which I will use to access my
I'm not sure where or if I should use the code above to hide and unhide the
nav pane.
I've tried using the On Close of the forms but if unide it but if I have
another form open the
nav pane will become visible at the wrong time.
Again, when the main form is in front I want the nav pane to be visible.
Of course if I don't have the Autoexec macro in my custom pane I'll have to
reference something else.

Any help will be appreciated,




I found using the On Activate of each form to call the appropriate function
woks fine.
Didn't think of it prior to my post.


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