hide account from local users and groups in computer managment



I have a big problem with one of our domain users.
He was installing software and changing local security
He also kept removing Domain Admins from admin group

His domain user was only a power user
His local login is only a user
But he still managed to change the local admin password

Is there some way he could have an account which is hidden from the
local users i in computer managment?




I don't believe you can create a hidden account in Windows XP.
There are programs that can record other users and administrators passwords,
with this info a user can by using an administrator's account, grant his
user account administrator privileges and so remove privileges to
He can even change the administrator/owner's password for personal use..
only for local computer access, this account could be the hidden account you
are gessing.
Change this account's password in Start\Run\control userpasswords2\select
restore password\type pasword and repeat...

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