'Hidden' Text - Word 2007



Hi Guys,

Ideally what i'd like to do with MS-Word is something similar t
tags you see on some forums - basically text that is hidden
but with a 'click to show' link that 'shows it' - is this at al
possible in Word 2007 (or perhaps with some sort of Add-on?) I'm no
too bothered about the printed consequences of this (but it'd be nic
if it allowed me to hide/show it)

If that's not possible - just in terms of standard using Hidden text
is there a keyboard shortcut to show/hide hidden text? (as opposed t
*-all-* formatting] Or is it possible to assign one? (or Hijack th
existing ctrl+shift+8 so that it only reveals hidden text?)

Thanks in advance for any help/ideas.


P.S. In case your wondering the primary purpose is for my own revisio

Gordon Bentley-Mix

I have a macro that lives in my Normal template in Word 2003 that looks like

Sub ShowMeEverything()
With ActiveWindow.View
.ShowBookmarks = True
.ShowHiddenText = True
.ShowAll = True
End With
End Sub

I use it because I'm a developer and want to be able to turn these setting
on regardless of their current state. If all you were wanted to do is toggle
the state of hidden text back and forth then something like:

Sub ToggleHiddenText()
ActiveWindow.View.ShowHiddenText = Not
End Sub

would probably work.

I call my macro through a button on a custom toolbar but only because I have
several tools of this type that I use so having them all on a toolbar only
makes sense. However, it's not to difficult to assign a keyboard shortcut.
Post back if you decide this approach is something you want to try and need
some help with working with macros.

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