Word 2010 - Locking a Watermark



Is there a way to lock the background watermark in a Word document?

I'm about to circulate a document with "track changes" only permissions. Itappears that my watermark (DRAFT) can be removed without tracked changes showing the change.

I'd prefer the reviewers/commenters not have the ability to remove the watermark. When they remove the watermark, it would be nice if Word's track changes made a big ugly notification in the background of every page noting that the DRAFT watermark had been removed.

Ideally, I'd like it if the reviewers couldn't copy and paste text into their own documents, but could still make tracked changes and comments on thisdocument.

Jim Erwin
(e-mail address removed)

Stefan Blom

Track Changes apparently doesn't detect the Remove Watermark command. However,
if you activate the header (for example by double-clicking it) and then manually
delete the watermark, then it will be marked for deletion. As far as I know,
there is no way around this problem (which certainly looks like a bug).

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