Hibernation won't start



I have my computer set to hibernate after being idle for 2 hours, but even
after being idle for that long (and longer) the computer refuses to go into
hibernation mode. I know that it's not a hardware issue, since my computer
used to go into hibernation back when I had Vista RTC; ever since I upgraded
to Vista Ultimate, hibernation does not work. Any ideas on why?




You may have a process running that prevents hibernation.

A background process that runs when the computer is 'idle' will prevent the
computer from every being idle as far as going into hibernation is
concerned. (happened to me after I installed a molecular folding program
that ran in the background.) I have also had a screen saver that did this.

If you have shared the media on the machine then it defaults to not going
into hibernation (because the sharing would not work).

If you are using the machine to share an internet connection then it would
not hibernate because the shared connection would fail.

I think that if you have a file being actively shared by another computer
then hibernation will not occur.

Just some possibilities.

If you force it to hibernate does it give you any warnings?


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