Here's how to fix your slow computer


Otis Cooper

If your computer is dragging the ground, this can be corrected fast
Most likely,the main reason your system is dragging the ground is
because of all the junk that runs in the background that you don't
see.These are applications you may have installed over time.

Such utilities as scanner drivers, and hard drive monitors can swallow
up memory and cpu processes,not to mention adware and spyware
creeping into your system.These affect both your computer's bootup
process and performance during normal operations.

Another reason for slow pc bootup and performance may be the
simple fact that your computer is aging. Computers running Windows
98 and Windows Me with cpu speeds of 500mhz or less are good
candidates for slow operation.These system often have inadequate
RAM Memory as well.

OK,so you,re no doubt asking, how can you correct this ever present,
nagging problem.If your system was purchase when dinosaurs roamed
the earth,consider upgrading by adding more memory,a larger hard
drive,and if possible a faster cpu.

You can free up hard drive space by deleting files and applications
you don't use often.Improve performance by not overlooking basic
pc maintenance.Running scandisk and Defragment are crucial to
pc preformance.And try third party memory management programs.

Running scandisk will find and attempt to correct errors on your
hard drive.System Defragment will free up hard drive space by
re-arranging files in an orderly manner.This allows the cpu to find
files much faster and not have to roam all over the hard drive to
load files into memory. give you the full
about how to correct your slow computer.




BTW, "msconfig" is a trouble shooting TOOL and not a quick solution to speed
up your system..


While I agree that hidden programs are a major culprit in most of these
useless whine threads, I doubt most of the users are because their systems
are from the pre GHZ era. On the otherhand, not all of the culprit programs
are obtained over time. Sometimes the computer -actually comes with
bloatware-. My Dell Inspiron for example came with a useless 10GB extra disk
partition with 6 GB used, all for the sake of returning my computer to the
state it was in whenn I opened the box. A function that any good backup
software can accomplish if need be - without the need for a 10GB partition,
I might add.

The simple fix is to do a reformatting right when you take it out of the
box, reinstalling only what the user manual says is necessary (experienced
users can decide for themselves, I usually leave out some things the manual
claims are necessary, and in actuality aren't). This however is assured of
one thing, and that is that it won't solve every problem. One thing to think
about, are your drivers and software Vista compatible? Chances are if your
software doesn't issue regular updates, you may have some issues due to the
significant functionality changes in Vista (changes that have been attempted
by many in vain to prevent from having to do, but knowing it must be done
regardless of the user frustration).

I for one love Vista, and have had few issues, especially ones that I could
not fix.

Mick Murphy

msconfig IS used to speed up your machine at startup.

A lot of programs that YOU install automatically set them self up to start
at startup, which is NOT required.

You take them out by using msconfig, and using a selective startup.
And you don't have as much to load; very simple, eh?

The rest of his post is SPAM


YES it can, but it's intention was created for a trouble shooting tool and
NOT what many people use it for. It can cause you problems leaving these
no-run entries in the Registry and later forgetting about them.

Yep, been around a long time Mick and I'm very aware of this.

Simple I agree, but again it's a TOOL not a fix. One should learn if they
want them to never appear again it should be done from an option within the
context menus, the Startup folder under Start-All Programs-Startup or in the
Registry under HKLU-HKLM-Run.

For the Registry Keys you can use AutoRuns which is far far superior to

Allows you to disable these items just like Msconfig, but the greatest
feature is double clicking the entry you want disabled and taking you to
that Key in Regedit. Allows for backups in the Startup folder and much more.

If you don't have AutoRuns, check it out, it's a great tool and check out
some of the other tools there as well.



Mark R. Cusumano

Bob said:
My experience is WD notifies you AFTER the fact.

True but if you select DENY it undoes the registry change as though the
change never occurred in the first place. This has the advantage of
allowing the software to install without interference and for you to review
and undo any changes after they are made to see how they effect the system.


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