Help with Solver



I am creating a spreadsheet for a client that uses the Solver Add-In to
calculate an optimal price.

To make the spreadsheet a bit more usable, I added a VB CmmandButton to
the worksheet to allow a user to Solve for the optimal price without
having to re-enter the variables and without having to interpret the
Solver UI.

Here is my logic:

Call Application.Run("SolverReset")
Call Application.Run("SolverAdd", "A", 1, "B")
Call Application.Run("SolverOk", "B2", 1, 0, "B2")
Call Application.Run("Solver.xla!SolverSolve", False, False)

Here's my dillema:
When I open the file for the first time and click the button, I get an
error message saying "Run-time error 1004. The macro "SolverReset" can
not be found.

However if I execute the Solver manually (Tools...Solver) once time,
the push button subsequently works perfectly. Its as if the solver
isn't fully loaded and the macro can't be read when the file is first

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for the help!


Perhaps the reference to Solver is not initially set. So
run it once and then go to Tools/Macro/VB Editor and then
to the Vb menu item Tools/References. Somehow Solver
needs to be first "woken up" and running it initialy does
this. Save the file then. Look in the references and see
it may say MISSING: Solver, in which case it still needs
to be woken. Hope this helps. Solver Reference should
have a tick box besides it. When you have woken it up and
saved the reference to it it should be right.


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