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Hello All,
I know this is a re-post, but I didn't get any bites on my last post. So here goes again:

I have a listbox which is bound to a datatable. I have set the displaymember and valuemember and all works well:
the user dbl clicks an item in the list box, I use the valuemember to retrieve some values from the db. However, I would like
a label to display the displaymember value that was selected by the user. I am assuming this is a datarow(?).
How does one do this? Below is my code for populating the listbox:
Dim dtChgDept As New DataTable
lstChgDept.ValueMember = "dept_id"
lstChgDept.DisplayMember = "dept_name"
lstChgDept.DataSource = dtChgDept
How can I display the text value of the displaymember "dept_name" on a label??

Thanks in advance!




The listbox's Text property should contain the displaymember of the selected

So just assign the listbox's Text property to the label's Text property.

Kerry Moorman

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