Problem with combobox and displayMember property with datasource.



Hi to you all.

I'm trying to read a Ms Access table using strongly typed Dataset in Vs2005.

So I assign the datasource property of a combobox in the following mode:

myCombo.DataSource = MyDataTable
myCombo.ValueMember = MyDataTable.Columns(0).ColumnName
myCombo.DisplayMember = MyDataTable.Columns(0).ColumnName

But the problem is that DisplayMember property seems to not work.
I obtain a combobox with ValueMember correctly set, but all visible values
are empty strings.

Why doesn't DisplayMember works?

I'm not using "order by" clause in the query and not using sorted property
of combobox object.

Can you help me?


Cor Ligthert[MVP]


You tell you use a strongly typed dataset, but you show us a method around a
datatable, what is it?



Hi Cor.
It's a method built by me.
I only read an Access table filtering with some criterions. Nothing special.

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