Help with formula



Original formula from previous post...

I have changed the formula to


As a test I have put in aircon running for 1 hour between 10-11 am

So this should return a value of .30 It is however returning a value of
2.17 Can anyone help with this. Thanks

Original post.....
I am trying to work out the cost of running an aircon unit.
The electricity costs are different during the 24 hour day.

In cell C7 I have costs per KW from 06.59- 12.00am (lets say .30 p an
In cell C8 I have costs from 12.01-22.59pm (lets say
.40p per hour)
In cell C9 I have costs for 23.00 - 06.58am (lets say
.50p per hour)

In cell C11 I have time aircon switched on
In cell C12 I have time aircon switched off

In cell C13 I have total hours switched on




In front of each of those times shown in quotes you need to put the
double minus to convert them to proper values, so try this:


Times are stored as fractions of a 24-hour day, which is why you need
the 24 at the end.

Hope this helps.


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