Help with connection PLEASE!!!



I have a laptop connected to a network (wireless) and has access to the
I then have my Xbox 360 connected to the laptop via Ethernet cable.
Is there any way to connect to Xbox Live through this setup??
I have Windows MCE 2005 with SP2 and the extender. I can stream videos,
pics, and music to my Xbox i just can't connect to the internet!!



Badriram Rajagopalan

In the 'Network Connections' view, select both your network card, and your
wireless card, right click, and use bridge connections.

Alternatively you could also use Internet connection sharing, right click on
wireless network connection, go to properties. Then select sharing, Check
the box "Allow other network users to connect ...", select the other network

ICS should work well, but bridging the connections could be faster, but
might not work depending on the network.


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