cannot connect xbox 360 to home premium




I have an xbox 360 and a brand new laptop running vista home premium. I have
been trying for several days to connect the xbox 360 as an extender for
windows media center.

It runs into problems at the last step - connecting to extender ... the xbox
360 connects and then displays" Xbox 360 has been disconnected because an
application has launched UI unexpectedly. Would you like to reconnect?"

I was running Trendmicro Internet Security 2007 but I uninstalled this,
re-ran the setup process and same problem. I have tried both wired and
wireless connections of the laptop to my Dlink G604T modem/router, which is
connected via ethernet to the Xbox 360. Everything else works fine on the

I found similar people in this discussion group having the same problem with
vista premium and xbox 360 but no solutions for home premium.

Any help would be much appreciated - I find it disappointing that I cannot
connect my MS Vista computer to my MS xbox 360....

Thanks in advance,


Ran event viewer - error log as follows every time it disconnects -
An unauthorized window was detected while running the Windows Media Center
Experience, 'ATKOSD2', with file name ''.


Thanks lawsce,

Yes, I have tried this both by following instructions for configuring ports
for the Trendmicro firewall originally, and then the Windows firewall after
uninstalling Trendmicro - still the problem remains.

It seems to link for a few seconds before disconnecting as the Tv connected
to the Xbox 360 displays windows media center before defaulting to the error

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