HELP!!! Vista + Norton Antivirus = media center can't connect to 3



My 360 is connected directly to my linksys router through a wire. It
connects to xbox live just fine.

My desktop is wirelessly connected to the same network from the other room.
It connects to the internet just fine. I have just installed windows vista
with media center but when i try to run the media center extender setup it
doesn't find the 360. However, if i go into the sharing files option in
windows media player, the 360 will show up, i think this proves that the
computer can see the 360 on my network.

I have Norton antivirus 2007 installed on my desktop, NOT Norton internet
security or Norton 360 (both of which say they work perfectly with media
center/xbox connection). My windows firewall is off and i've tried to
configure Norton antivirus to allow all the appropriate applications as
stated on several support websites for personally configuring a third party
firewall. This does not help.

I have purchased all of microsoft's products, i would think this wouldn't be
such a huge problem. I am totally lost and have no idea what the problem
could be. I need a computer genius.



I'm replying to myself here but i wanted to say that I updated my computer
with the vista ultimate dreamscene preview update. When i restarted my
computer, the taskbar notified me that an extender was 360.
HOWEVER, when i went to set the extender up, it gave me a generic error.
When i tried it again, media center reverted to the old error message, saying
it couldn't find any extender.

I disabled my entire norton antivirus but the problem persisted. How as it
able to find the extender and then totally lose it?

If i dont' have windows firewal OR norton turned on, where is the problem?


=?Utf-8?B?RGF2aWQgQmVuZWRlaw==?= said:
center/xbox connection). My windows firewall is off and i've tried to
configure Norton antivirus to allow all the appropriate applications as

Use a free antivirus program to fix your problem.

John Wesley Asquith

Norton software can screw up any computer. I would stay away from it if
I were you.

On Sat, 19 May 2007 09:36:55 -0700, David Benedek <David


I've read in couple of forums that Norton causes problems so i tried
uninstalling it. After i did this however, i still couldn't connect to my
360 through media center, which makes me think the problem doesn't have to do
with norton. I even tried connecting while disabling windows firewall but it
didn't work. I reinstalled Norton and upon restarting my computer i got a
smart window pop up in the taskbar saying that a media extender (360) has
been detected. I tried to run the extender setup right away but it didn't
work, same error message saying it couldn't find it.

How could the computer find it at startup and then fail to find it during
setup? I thought this had something to do with a program that didn't start
immediately when i logged on but i have no idea which program is messing it
up. Is there any sort of log for the media center extender setup that will
specifically tell me where the problem is?

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