All of my pictures just disappeared in Vista Media Center



I just built a new computer and put a fresh install of Vista Home Premium on
it 2 days ago. My last PC had Media Center 2005 on it. I use Media Center
extensively to stream movies, recorded TV, music and pictures to my Xbox 360
in my home theater room.

All of my pictures transferred fine. I put them all in the Public Pictures
folder and enabled it to share with everyone.

Today, I went to access my pictures through the media center on my xbox 360
and all of my pictures are gone. I can see all the folders, but they all
show 0 objects inside the folders. I also tried this through the media
center on my PC and again it shows the folders, but it shows them as empty.
When I access the Public Pictures folder, all of my pictures are there, the
problem is, they just won't show up in media center. I've got about 3000
pictures and I would guess that just about everyone of them is in .jpeg
format, so Vista should recognize them.

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